My favourite kind of lamp for a desk

Hello again and welcome on your return back to Tar Man’s blog. As promised, today I’ll be covering lighting and talking about my favourite lighting that is available to almost anyone that has a connection to the internet. I’ve really become slightly addicted to purchasing things on the web, and this addiction reached a new peak when I realised that I could replace all the old and drab looking lighting in my house with a few simple clicks of the mouse on my computer.

To begin with I wanted to replace some of the wall lighting I had in my living room. I had never got round to replacing the lights that were in the house when I arrived and I thought these were the perfect ones to start with. They looked particularly outdated and I even remember a few relatives and friends commenting on them before, and not in a nice way.

So, these were the first to go. I replaced them with a ceiling fitting, which was a sort of faux chandelier. It looks incredibly posh and expensive, but the truth is it really didn’t cost that much at all. I swear, that is the brilliance of the internet. You can find some huge deals if you’re willing to look hard enough.

After that I went around the house replacing all of the standard ceiling fittings. This was fairly easy – all I did was replace the shades, with something newer and more snazzy.

The final thing that had to be done was getting a new desk lamp. I work from home, and naturally there are moments when I am working when it is dark outside, especially throughout the colder months of the year. Whenever this happens I always like to put my desk lamp on, but I began to realise that my current lamp was looking incredibly dated. I spent a good deal of time online searching for something new and eventually found this absolutely perfect LED desk lamp. Since it arrived I can’t stop using it. The fact that it has a USB port too is pretty amazing. I toyed with the idea of creating my own after I found a video online that you can watch above.

All in all, that was the last lighting purchase I made. If i’m being honest, I couldn’t be happier with all the choices I made.

Sorry For Our Absence

Hey Everyone! I’m just stopping by to let you know that we haven’t forgotten about you or the site. I realise it has been a little while since we put something up here, but we want you to know that you definitely haven’t seen the last of us – in fact we’re working on something new this minute. The post will be about lighting and we’ll be looking at a host of different lights that you can purchase online for your home.

Another great cleaning service

Hello Tar Man readers! Last week I sat all of you down and spent some time explaining to you why I think hiring the right cleaner is completely vital, especially when the time comes to leave and vacate your property.

Well, to all of you that thoroughly enjoyed that message, you’ll be happy to hear that today I have something similar for you. In fact almost too similar. I want to bring your attention to another cleaning service, one that is based in Fulham, that did a terrific job cleaning a friend of mine’s flat in an incredibly short amount of time.
So before I get into it, I will set the scene. My pal Jim is a bit of a wild child and he loves to party. He will literally find any excuse to host a party, such as half birthdays, and whenever anything significant happens to the royal family.

Anyway, he lives in north London, and his parents live in the south. They have a flat in Fulham that they use at the weekends (his Dad is a huge Fulham fan) and Jim likes to spend time there without telling his parents. One weekend Jim had arranged to have a party at his parents flat. He assured us that we would have the place to ourselves and that his parents wouldn’t find out.

To be fair to him, as long as you give him a day or so, Jim almost always does a pretty damn good job of tidying up after himself, so much so his parents have never accused him of having friends round the flat behind their back.

This time things were different though. Jim was hosting a party on Friday, and had completely forgot that his parents were planning on coming round on the Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t until they texted him on Saturday morning, waking him from his boozy slumber, that they were coming up to London and would like to see him if they can. Jim is a quick thinker and knew that the best thing to do, in terms of speed would be to bring a professional end of tenancy cleaning service – someone who can do the job very quickly. He found these guys:

In the end his parents never found out, and that is a testament to the company that Jim hired. To all of you in South London look no further than this business when you’re in need of a speedy and efficient cleaner.

What housekeeping tips would you like to hear

Hey guys – Tar man here. I wanted to ask you whether there was a specific set of housekeeping tips that you would like to hear more of or learn about. When it comes to the house there is literally an infinite amount of things to talk about, and I’d like to make this blog a bit more interactive and hear your opinion. Do you want to hear more about kitchens? Or perhaps bathrooms? Please let me know and I’ll try to create something around your suggestions. Thanks!

The importance of a clean interior

Hello again people. As previously stated, Tar Man is a place where you can frequently come and learn about all sort of things to do with your home and more essentially, its interior. Right now, however, I want to discuss something slightly different. I see so many interior decorating and design blogs today that cover the aspects of re-designing the inside of your home incredibly well. One glaring problem with all of these contributors however, is the lack of effort or attention they bring to maintenance.

Now I understand that you may be a bit confused with what I mean by maintenance. When I say maintenance I mean the up keeping of your home. After all, whats the point of having an incredibly beautiful interior if you can’t keep your home tidy in the first place, and don’t know about the most important tips around when it comes to keeping your house in shape.

Many of these websites most definitely fail to talk about this one subject in particular, but I want things to be different here at tar man. One of the most crucial aspects of keeping a clean and tidy house comes when your tenure in your house comes to an end. I’m talking about when you decide to sell and move on. Just like how you would expect the house you are moving into to be spotless, you should give yours the same treatment too.

Like many others, I’ve fallen into the stupid trap of leaving it far too late to clean the home before leaving it for good. Let me tell you, it’s not an ideal situation to be in. The good news is there are many ways to get around this problem. My favourite being hiring a professional service to take care of all of it for you. I really think this is always the best option as you’re most probably going to be incredibly busy already.

I live in Reading, and this happened to us a few years ago. We left it far to late and ended up calling an emergency (if you can call it that) Reading end of tenancy cleaning service. They did an amazing job and I swear they got it cleaner than my wife and I could ever get it. If you live in a similar area and would like to check out their service, then please take a look at the video above.

Welcome to Tar Man

My name’s Tar Man and I’ve put together this blog so I have a space where I can talk about my favourite interest – housekeeping. I’m a house husband that naturally spends a lot of time inside my home, and over the years I’ve spent a lot of time learning about great housekeeping practices. So, if you’re interested please take a look around my blog and tell me what you think. Thanks!